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We are an active IPMS Model Club (#1130) with close to 50 members, we meet the 4th Tuesday of each month! We encourage builders of ALL ages to participate, and we are always looking for new members. You can leave a message on this site if your wanting to know more about our exciting model club, we have model contests, participate in shows, have HUGE swap meets, and get together now and again for a bite to eat.

There are no rules other than being polite to each member, (we meet in a church) so casual dress ok. We look forward to any members wanting to join and if you are already a member please feel free to post here!

Modeler of the Year 2020 - Tom Bogacki

February 2021 Modeler of the Month

Warren Dossey for his Hulking Predator

Upcoming Events

2021 Monthly Meetings

March 23rd - The Fabulous 50's - Anything from the 50's

April 27th - The Russians are Coming - Anything Russian

May 25th - The Korean War - Anything from the Korean War

June 22nd - Keep on Trucking - Any Kind of Truck

July 27th - Hurrah for Big Guns - Any Non-Tracked Military Piece

                  - Group Build - Christmas in July

August 24th - The Vietnam War - Anything from the Vietnam War

September 28th - Mouse in the House - Any Structure

October 26th - Crazy 8's - Anything with an 8 nomenclature or 8 in the markings

November 23rd - Flying High - Any US Airforce Subject

                               - Group Build - Any AMT/Ertl Kit

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International Plastic Modelers' Society #1130

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